About Us:

What is the Writing and Design Lab?

The Writing and Design Lab (WDL) is a new kind of writing center that combines support for students working in traditional print-based formats with consultations in digital and multimodal compositions for class-based assignments and beyond.

Who can use the Writing and Design Lab?

Any Rutgers-Camden student or faculty member can take advantage of the Writing and Design Lab.

What kind of projects can I bring to the WDL?

Students can bring any paper or project to the WDL and meet with a trained consultant who will help them develop their project from initial conception to final stages. However, the WDL is not a proofreading or correcting service.

Can my professor require me to come to the WDL?

They can. However, if a professor is interested in integrating the WDL into their course, we recommend they contact us first.

How does the Writing and Design Lab differ from writing assistance offered by the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center (RCLC)?

The WDL offers a full range of support for students seeking assistance in writing-based projects but, unlike the RCLC, does not offer tutoring in subject areas like psychology or nursing.

How can I become a WDL consultant?

Undergraduates from any major can apply to be a consultant. Students who wish to work for the WDL must complete the four credit practicum offered each Fall. After completing the practicum, students who continue as consultants will receive a stipend based on the number of hours they have contracted to work. If you’re interested in joining us, please email rutgers.wdl@rutgers.edu


About Appointments:

How can I make an appointment?

Visit our appointments page.

What can I expect in an appointment?

That depends on the project you want to work on. The Lab is equipped with computers, so you can revise a paper or presentation while you work with a consultant. The Lab also has HD audio recording and editing capabilities for students who need them.

No matter what you choose to work on, expect a relaxed and welcoming environment and consultants who are dedicated to helping you start or improve your project.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

The email you receive when you make an appointment also has a link to cancel. You can also email us at rutgers.wdl@rutgers.edu.