Writing and Design Lab


Dr. William FitzGerald


bill-colorBill FitzGerald specializes in rhetoric and writing studies with particular interests in the rhetoric of religion, Kenneth Burke and the rhetoric of style. At Rutgers, he also teaches undergraduate courses in media and literacy studies and graduate courses in genre, composition theory and research methods. His book Spiritual Modalities: Prayer as Rhetoric and Performance (Penn State Press 2012) is part of a larger project on the relationship between speech in general and speech addressed to God. Finally, Bill directs the Teaching Matters and Assessment Center in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Travis DuBose

Managing Director

duboseforWDLsiteTravis teaches classes focused on digital media and professional writing at Rutgers-Camden and serves as faculty adviser to the campus’s digital literary magazine The Scarlet Review. His current research interests include the ideologies of interface and experience design and the rhetoric of typography. He also maintains creative interests in hypertext narratives and procedural generation. An alumnus of the Rutgers University Graduate School–Camden, Travis earned his master’s degree in English in 2014. That same year, he received the James Sanderson Graduate Award, which is awarded to the student who wrote the best graduate paper in the previous academic year.

Student Consultants

Sam Paulson

Student Consultant

paulsonforWDLsiteSam Paulson is an undergraduate consultant at the WDL. He studies Music Composition and German Language and is currently working as a composer in the R-C Game Studio and a performer in several music groups on and off campus. Having a strong interest in poetry and rhetoric of all kinds, Sam finds himself at home helping students in the WDL. Outside of school, he also enjoys video games, painting, and his rascally dog, Zeus.

Bill Epstein

Student Consultant

epsteinforWDLsite Bill Epstein is a third year student at Rutgers-Camden studying English Education with a minor in theater. Bill has acted in multiple productions and has just recently directed his first short play, and his passion for theater has also manifested itself in multiple written pieces that he has performed at Rutgers-Camden. He is an avid member of the Gleaner, the Rutgers school newspaper with a focus on the  viewing the world around us through the medium of entertainment, including film, music, and art. Bill is interested in appying his studies to things not typically found in the English field, such as music, and is currently working towards a masters degree in English with a focus on linguistics and theater.

Dominique Carlucci

Student Consultant

carlucciforWDLsiteDominique Carlucci is a consultant at the Writing and Design Lab. She is an undergraduate in the school of Arts and Sciences majoring in English. Dominique is also working toward completing Rutgers’ Teacher Prep Program. She is a member of the Honors College and a first year Civic Scholar at Rutgers-Camden. Recently, she began working in North Camden schools with the Ignite program as an Education Ambassador. Her interests include composition, poetry, and musical theatre.

Andrew Moffett

Student Consultant

Andrew Moffett is a Philosophy and Digital Studies undergraduate at Rutgers-Camden. Currently, he is developing a digital literacy outreach program for the WDL which will give students the opportunity to teach homeless people in Camden how to use computers and the internet. After graduating he hopes to stay at Rutgers-Camden to bolster campus wide awareness and interest in civic engagement. When Andrew isn’t busy with class material he likes to spend his time turning pens on his lathe or binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu.

Mary Pollard

Student Consultant

pollardforWDLsiteMary Pollard is a junior in the Honor College, majoring in English. This is her third year working for the Rutgers Future Scholars, which is one of the many Civic Engagement programs here. She is now the lead ambassador for the program. She has written for the Rutgers Camden’s newspaper, The Gleaner, in previous semesters. She is currently writing for a music blog called “What’s The Movement?!”. Go check out her reviews on the latest R&B and hip-hop sounds at whatsthemovement.net.

Ruby Murrani

Student Consultant

Ruby Murrani is currently a 2nd year student at the Honors College. She is studying English and is an active member of the Rutgers Civic Scholars. Outside of her school studies and engagement, she helps teach English and writing to Syrian Refugees at the Camden Catholic Charities. During her free time she enjoys writing, working on design projects and creative projects. After college, she hopes to work as a journalist in a Middle Eastern country.

John Patouhas

Student Consultant

patouhasforWDLsiteJohn is currently a senior here at Rutgers-Camden with a major in English and a theatre minor. His Interests include reading, musical theatre and creative writing, especially for stage. He also takes special interest in design elements in presentations and the variety of writing styles students bring to our lab. He hopes to one day write professionally for stage and screen creatively.

Maggie Montalto

Student Consultant

Maggie Montalto is an undergraduate consultant at the Writing and Design Lab. She is a member of the Honors College and majors in English and Digital Studies with a minor in communication. She was part of the editorial staff for the first issue of the Rutgers Camden literary magazine, The Scarlet Review. She currently writes for The Odyssey Online and hopes to one day pursue a career in online publication.

Greg Hennis

Student Consultant

hennisforWDLsiteGreg Hennis is a Computer Science undergraduate student at Rutgers-Camden. He hopes to use his degree to contribute towards the research and development of artificial intelligence. He also hopes to do this work for Google. Greg’s interests include coding (specifically in C), conducting research on and watching comedy internet shows, listening to bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy, and contemplating how much sauce is too much sauce on spaghetti. Upon completing undergraduate studies, Greg wishes to continue on with Computer Science, becoming a graduate student and staying at Rutgers-Camden.